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Configuring your account

Your Informatik ID gives you LDAP credentials needed to access the network. You can change your password, shell, and home directory from this portal

Connecting to a machine

All servers are only available from inside the cs network. Entering the university's internal network can be done using a proxy jump (through the login-servers mentioned later) or using the university's VPN then using ssh to login to the desired machine. In this guide we will be using an example of connecting to the coan-16 machine.


Make sure you have an Informatik ID, and that you install an SSH tool for your operating system and you are able to log in to the university's network you can do so by following this guide Check if you can login into the remotely available servers: ssh as staff and ssh as a student.

After logging in to the login-server (or by using vpn) you should be able to access our machines, coan-16 in the following exmple: ssh {YOUR_INFORMATIK_ID}@coan-16.


You do not have to enter your password every time if you use ssh-keys. After you generated one following e.g. this guide you can setup password-less logins to the jumphosts made available by the gsg by ssh-copy-id (as a student use login-stud instead). This is especially useful when using the configfile and jumphosts as described in the next section.

Using config file and jump-hosts: (for Linux and Mac)

A convenient way to access all machines is by using (~/.ssh/config). If you add the lines in the following section to your config file (.ssh/config), you can access coan-16 (in this example) by

#if already inside the network
ssh coan-16 
#explicitly use jumphost
ssh -J login-cs coan-16 
#implicitly use jumphost
ssh coan-16-jump 

Add the following to your config file (.ssh/config):

for university staff

Host login-cs

for students

Host login-cs

for both

Host coan-16

Host coan-16-jump
    ProxyJump login-cs

To copy an ssh-key through the tunnel:

 ssh-copy-id -o ProxyJump=login-cs coan-srv-01

Locally mount remote folders

Assume you want to mount your home folder locally by using sshfs and in ~/coan-home. For the following to work you need to add a jumphost entry for our fileserver coan-srv-01 and an entry for the login-server in your .ssh/config (see above).

Host srv01jump
    User {LDAP_ID}
    ProxyJump login-cs
# make sure sshfs is installed
sudo apt install sshfs
# make sure local folder exists
mkdir ~/coan-home

sshfs {username}@srv01jump:/home/I/{username} ~/coan-home -o follow_symlinks
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