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Advanced Algorithms

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Petra Mutzel, Dr. Daniel Schmidt
Module MA-INF 1104
eCampus tba
BASIS 612111104


We will explore advanced techniques for the design and the analysis of algorithms with selected examples from modern algorithmics. Our discussion will include both polynomial time and exponential time exact algorithms, as well as approximation algorithms. Besides techniques like greedy algorithms, local search, and streaming, we will study methods for the amortized analysis of algorithms and look into the role of linear programming in algorithmics. Topics will include network flows, and a short introduction to linear programming.


Subject When Where Start Lecturer
Lectures Tuesday 12-14 and Thursday 10-12 Online via Zoom 27.10.2020 Prof. Dr. Petra Mutzel, Dr. Daniel Schmidt
Tutorial 1 Tuesday 14-16 Online via BBB 03.11.2020 Dahn, Oettershagen
Tutorial 2 Thursday 12-14 Online via BBB 05.11.2020 Dahn, Oettershagen


There will be a written exam in the usual exam period.

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