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Bachelor and Master Thesis

This website gives an overview and information on how to write a bachelor or master thesis in our group. Some additional information provided by the institute can be found here.

Procedure overview

  1. First, find a topic: Contact one of our members. On their websites, you can find the topics of their research.
  2. If the general topic is approved we meet to discuss the details and determine the second examiner (Prof. Mutzel is the first examiner). Usually, you will be additionally advised by a member of the team.
  3. Next, you write a short exposé (a latex template will be provided by us) in which you describe what the thesis will contain. The exposé should contain
    1. the title of the thesis
    2. a very brief introduction of the topic
    3. the goals of the thesis
    4. the brief description of the ideas about how the goals can be achieved
    5. a first outline of the structure of the thesis (optional)
  4. After you handed in the exposé you can officially start. To this end, you need to fill out the registration form which will be provided to you at this point. After you and the examiners signed the form and it is sent to the examination office the due date will be available on the basis website.
  5. If you are writing a master thesis, you need to do an introduction presentation, see below for details.
  6. During your time writing your thesis you have to regularly attend the bachelor master seminar. The dates can be found here.
  7. After finishing your thesis, you hand it in at the examination office. We as a chair are not involved in this final step. Check the institutes website for information. Furthermore, the source code created for the thesis has to be sent as a zip file or via sciebo to both examiners.
  8. Shortly after handing in, you can do your final presentation, see below for details.

Introduction talk and final presentation

For bachelor thesis: Only a final presentation of 30 minutes + 15 minutes discussion and questions

For master thesis:

  1. Introduction talk of 30 minutes + 15 minutes discussion, and
  2. a final presentation of 45 minutes + 15 minutes discussion and questions

After discussing the date for your presentation, your advisor will add it to our schedule.

Tips for the presentation
  • Put the right amount of content on each slide. On average about one slide per 1.5 to 2 minutes talk.
  • Use examples and figures to explain complicated content.
  • Use colors for highlighting.
  • Train your presentation. It's a good idea to present to, e.g., a friend.
  • Read and follow the more detailed guidelines here.

Template for the thesis

Your advisor will provide you a latex template.

For bibliography guidelines see here.

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