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Master Thesis, Accompanying Seminar

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Petra Mutzel
Module MA-INF 0402
BASIS Link2Basis
Type of Lecture Seminar
CP 2
Schedule here

This is the accompanying seminar for the master thesis in which the plans and the final results are presented. The oral presentations are graded.

In particular, the ability to document and defend the results of the thesis work in a scientifically appropriate style, taking into consideration the state-of-the-art in research in the respective area.

Further grading criteria:

  • Content: structure, adequate selection and prioritization of the content, correctness, self-prepared examples, graphics, critical evaluation and discussion
  • Presentation: presentations style (free, smooth, adequate and precise phrasing, understandability), reasonable and supportive presentation slides / examples / graphics, that help the audience to understand the problems / definitions / evaluations, timing.
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