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High Performance Optimization Lab

In response to the COVID 19 situation the application period has be postponed to the 20.04.2020.

The High Performance Optimization Lab focusses on the practical study of various types of optimization problems and on their solution using state-of-the-art methods and modern computing devices.

A typical example is the examination of a mathematical model of a combinatorial or continuous optimization problem that is to be solved on real-world instances (e.g., stemming from economy or applied research), and either using solvers or developing algorithms that are tailored to exploit e.g. parallel or even special-purpose hardware.

Depending on the term's current topic, we will be employing different techniques like (integer) linear programming, dynamic programming, lagrangian relaxation, (sub-)gradient methods, and the like. Here, we will be usually interested in obtaining exact, i.e., optimal solutions (even if the problem studied is NP-hard), but sometimes, we also look at approximations and heuristics.

The participants are expected to be able to work with and edit C/C++ code under a Unix system environment (e.g. Linux). Ideally (but not necessarily), they even have some experience in working with OpenMP and/or MPI.

Dates and Organization

As far as one can say today, the lab will be held in digital manner only, i.e., especially meetings will take place online via video conferences.

The very first meeting will take place on Thursday, 23th April 2020, 16:00 o'clock

The subsequent weekly meetings will be on Wednesdays, 16:00 o'clock

Week Date
17 23.04.2020 Initial meeting
18 29.04.2020
19 06.05.2020
20 13.05.2020
21 20.05.2020
22 27.05.2020
23 03.06.2020
24 10.06.2020
25 17.06.2020
26 24.06.2020
27 01.07.2020
28 08.07.2020
29 15.07.2020 Final presentation and due date for written report

DozentInnen: Prof. Dr. Petra Mutzel, Dr. Sven Mallach

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