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Bibliography Guideline

This guide should define minimal requirements for a bibliography for written compositions in the context of lectures of the Computational Analytics work group.

Different types of literature have different mandatory and optional fields. In addition to the publication title, and the authors, the following fields should be provided:

Type of Publication Bibtex Mandatory Optional
Journal @article Joarnal Name, Volume, Number, Pages, Publisher Location, Year Publisher, DOI
Monograph @book Publisher, Publisher Location, Year ISBN, DOI
Anthologies @book Publisher, Year ISBN, DOI
Conference Proceedings @inproceedings Conference Name, Publisher, if applicable: Series *and* Volume (e.g., LNCS, LIPiCS), Year, Pages DOI

Furthermore, the conference and journal names should be uniformly abbreviated or written in full length. It is also possible to use the full name and the abbreviation in combination. The addition “Publishing Company” or Pub. Co.“ should be omitted w.r.t. the publisher names.

Providing the DOI is particularly recommended in combination with the hyperef LaTeX package, to provide an easy electronic reference to the publisher websites. Providing a full URL is usually cluttering the bibliography and makes it less readable.

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