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Computer Science I

Computational Analytics Group

Prof. Dr. Petra Mutzel

  • algorithmic data analysis, graph mining, computational analytics
  • algorithm engineering, graph algorithms and data structures
  • combinatorial optimization (polynomial time and ILP-based)
  • application areas: cheminformatics, geodesy, logistics, network analysis, information visualization, network design and optimization, computational biology, statistical physics, …

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High Performance Computing Group

Prof. Dr. Estela Suarez

  • high performance computing (HPC)
  • heterogeneous HPC system architectures
  • modular supercomputing architecture (MSA)
  • hardware prototyping and evaluation
  • software environment development
  • co-design and application optimisation

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News and Newsworthy

McGroundstate Service Online: Our new server McGroundstate for the determination of ground states of Ising Spin Glasses is online here: McGroundstate Server.

New Professorship: Prof. Dr. Estela Suarez is new to the section Computer Science 1 since the February 1. 2022. Her professorship is on High Performance Computing (HPC).

McSparse Service Online: Our new server McSparse for the exact solution of sparse Maximum Cut and sparse Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Optimization problems is online here: McSparse Server.

WALCOM 2022: The WALCOM 2022 proceedings for the 16th International Conference and Workshops on Algorithms and Computation, Universitas Jember, Indonesia, March 24-26, 2022 appeared, PC chairs: P. Mutzel, Md. S. Rahman (BUET), S. Slamin (Jember)

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Projects: Our current and past projects can be found here.

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