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Workshop on Geometric Graphs

University of Bonn, June 24-28, 2024

Welcome to the Workshop on Geometric Graphs within within our DFG funded Research Unit Algorithmic Data Analysis for Geodesy (AlgoForGe).

The goal of the workshop is to jointly do research on topics related to AlgoForGe and geometric graphs. We will have some short talks, open problem sessions and, above all, working groups.

Invited guests:


Monday, June 24 (room 0.016)

10:00am: Petra Mutzel: Welcome, organization, and a short introduction to AlgoForGe

10:20am: Introductory round

10:30am: Brief introductory talks (5-10 minutes) by:

  • Bernardo Abrego — Extremal problems on sets of points
  • Silvia Fernández-Merchant — Combinatorial properties of point configurations through the lens of circular sequences

11:30 Coffee break (2nd floor, lounge near room 2.077)

  • David Flores-Peñaloza — Combinatorics, algorithms, and computational complexity on finite sets of points
  • Andre Nusser: Sequence Similarity, Clustering und Polygon Decomposition

Lunch break

2 - 3pm: Anne Driemel: Open problem sessions

  • Philip Mayer: Polygon aggregation with triangulations (2 problems)
  • Alexander Naumann: Dynamic polygon aggregation
  • Anne Driemel: Polygon aggregation under Hausdorff distance
  • Jan Haunert: Similarity measure for point set representation

3 - 5pm: Working groups (today we have rooms 0.016, 0.108, 2.074, and our coffee lounge)

Tuesday, June 25 (room 0.016):

10 - 12am: Working groups (rooms 0.016, 2.074, coffee lounge)

2pm: Presentation of status of working groups

2:30pm-5pm: Working groups

7pm: Workshop Dinner at: DelikArt, Colmantstraße 14-16, 53115 Bonn

Wednesday, June 26 (room 0.016 available from 12):

10 - 1pm: Working groups (e.g., room 2.074, coffee lounge, room 0.108)

Lunch break

2am: Status report of working groups (in room 0.016)

3-5pm:Working groups (e.g., room 2.074, coffee lounge, room 0.108)

Thursday, June 27 (room 0.016):

10-12am: Working groups (rooms 0.016, 2.074 (not between 2-3pm), coffee lounge)

2pm-5pm: Working groups

Friday, June 28 (room 0.016):

10am-11:30am: Status report of working groups

11:30-12pm: Closing session

End of Workshop

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